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 Stanley Medical College and Hospitals is one of the oldest and well known centers in India in the field of medical education. The seed for this institution was sown as early as 1740 when the East India Company first created the medical department. The renowned Stanley Hospital now stands on the old site of the Monegar choultry established in 1780.The College is associated with the well known Government Stanley Hospital which has 1280 beds for in-patient treatment. The hospital has an out-patient attendance of around 5000 patients per day. A unique feature is its 8-story surgical complex equipped to perform up to 40 surgeries simultaneously, a modern 7 story medicine complex  and a separate pediatrics block with all specialties under one roof. RSRM hospital is also attached for obstetrics and Gynecology care.

The three well known departments of the Stanley Medical Hospitals are Surgical GastroenterologyUrology and the Institute of Hand Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery. The Institute for Research and Rehabilitation of Hand and the Department of Plastic Surgery (IRRH & DPS) is one of the best centers in Southeast Asia .

      An ICMR Stem Cell and Diagnostic Laboratory ensures a zero infection rate that is critical for a transplant programme and is involved in ongoing research on liver progression cells as a therapeutic option in end stage liver disease. With a medical infrastructure as good as a five-star hospital Stanley has been drawing the middle class people who prefer to pay Rs.5000 for a hepatectomy.
                    Today most of the old buildings have been replaced by newer structures in order to cater to the needs of larger patient population. A rare surviving bit of heritage in a forgotten corner is an obelisk with the Aesculapius insignia raised in Maj. E.W.C. Bradfield's time to remember 12 doctors who sacrificed their lives in the Great War. What continues unchanged at Stanley are the old traditions of committed service in an institution that today, as in the past, provides affordable healthcare to the underprivileged.
Alamadhi association of Stanley  was started in 1955 to provide free medical services to the needy in the village of alamadhi near Chennai.But due to inadequate funds and travel difficulties,the service was discontinued.  By the  tireless efforts of students ,medical service was made available from 2008 .The students visit the village every Sunday and render medical service to the villagers.
Project GREENHANDS  was started in the year 2007 in association with isha foundation to grow new trees  with the objective of making the city green. More than 1,25,000 trees have been distributed throughout the state through this project.

With regard to the recent developments in our institutions ,Stanley medical college is one of  the first  medical colleges in Tamil Nadu to receive 250 MBBS seats ,sanctioned in the year 2013. This institution is savored as a heritage and will continue to impart its finest knowledge to the community in the years to come.


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