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Department of Physiology

 Stanley Medical College was established at 1938, after British Parliamentarian, Sir George Frederick Stanley. Physiology Department started its functioning at the same time.
  Department Merits
Teaching and Research are the two important achievements and merits of this department. A complete and thorough teaching schedule is followed by our departmental teachers who are qualified and eminent. Students Quiz programme is the favourite task of this department. Students of this department (both UG & PG ) have won fabulous prizes in Intermedical Quiz Programmes.Every year an Intramural Quiz Competition is organized by this Department conducted by the second year students for the first year students. Research activities are carried out in a full fledged manner by the  faculty and Postgraduates of our department. Number of research papers have been presented in various conferences. A number of papers have been published in Regional , National & International  journals. 

Completed Projects

1. Lung function and Hemodynamic Study in Portal HT- Dr.Celin
2. Lung Function Parameters after yoga- Dr.Manickkam
3. Sensorineural Deafness in Aged and DM  Patients- Dr.Ananthalakshmi
4. Lung Function in Hypothyroid- Dr.Sugapriya
5. Autonomic function in Normotensive Hypertensive Subjects-
 Dr.K.Murali Krishnan
6. Nerve Conduction in thyroid Dysfunction patients- Dr.Adhikesavan
7. PFT in Rheumatoid Arthritis- Dr.Gowdhaman .
8.Visual Evoked Potentials ( VEP) in newly diagnosed hypothyroid patients– Dr.B.Anitha. (Dissertation)
9. Heart Rate Variability In Alcoholics – Dr.Thirumaran
10. Arterial Stiffness Index in Diabetic patients- Dr.H.R.Haribabu
11. Pulmonary Function Tests in Scleroderma- Dr.M.Janet Sugantha
12. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Iron Defeciency Anemia –
13. HRV in newly diagnosed NIDDM patients –Dr.H.R.Haribabu
14. Resting HRV in NIDDM patients-Dr.M.Rathnavel kumaran

15. Comparative study of Cardiac ANS of practitioners of Yoga,
      exercise & healthy controls using short term HRV.-
      Dr. K.Muralikrishnan.
16. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Newly Diagnosed
      Hypertensive   Individuals–Dr.M.Rathnavelkumaran   (Dissertation)
17. Comparison of HRV & VEP in patients with IDDM –
      Dr.M.Janet Sugantha  (Dissertation)
 18. An Investigatory study on the role of Brainstem Auditory
      Evoked  Potential as a tool in early diagnosis of Hepatic Encephalopathy:
     Dr. V. Gowri (Dissertation)
19. Electrophysiological assessment  of Cardiovascular Autonomic functions in Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome subjects.–
Dr. P. Samundeeswari
20. IQ & MYOPIA - Dr.P.Sathya MD(PHY) D.G.O
21. IQ & BMI - Dr.A.Parimala - MD (PHY) D.C.P
22 . Assesment of Pulmonary Function in Children with Adenoids –
23. Pulmonary Function test in Obesity- Dr. D. Archana
24. Pulmonary Function test in Postmenopausal Women with
      Prolapse Uterus in North Chennai – S.Ulagavarshini
25. Pulmonary Function test in Pregnant Women – S.U.Chitrapavai
26.Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP ) as a tool for evaluation of hepatic  encephalopathy  in cirrhosis liver by Snehil Kumar  IIIyr MBBS Student  
27. Poincare Plot of Heart Rate Variability : A New Approach towards explaining the cardiovascular risk in Obesity - Sajjad Mohamed Jawahar Ali , IIIyr MBBS student 
28. “A study to assess the effect of music on heart”  by   Dr. Vikram.

Ongoing projects

1. IQ & Handedness - Dr.P.Sathya MD(PHY) D.G.O
2. IQ & HYPERMETROPIA – Dr.VijiDevanand M.D
3. Heartrate variability  in Obese Rats-Dr.R.Thenmozhi,
    Dr . Shabina
4.Heart  rate  variability   -  Ketamine  and  Midazolam   
 in  adult  albino  rats  -a comparative  study
   Dr. S.U. Chithrapavai & Dr .D.Archana
5.Heartrate variability  in   post myocardial  infarction -
   Dr . Shabina
6.Assessment of Cardiac autonomic function during pregnancy –
   Dr. D. Archana
7.The  Role  Of  Skin Sensors  in  Diagnosis  of  Early Thyroid  Dysfunction –
   An Investigatory  Study – Dr.Archana.
8.Correlation between Diabetic Retinopathy and Peripheral Neuropathy in
 Type II  Diabetes Mellitus using Glycaemic control and Duration of  Diabetes as parameters- An investigatory study. - Abinayah kanniah ,
  Gini Priyadharshini.
9. Pulmonary Function Test In Short Stature Primi Pregnant Women  Compared To  Pregnant Women Of Normal Stature – Dr. Chithrapaavai.
10.Evaluation of brain stem Auditory evoked potentials in stable COPD patients
11.Correlation Between Duration and Variation in Lung Function in Diabetes Mellitus.
    Dr. Ulagavarshini.
12.IQ and Juvenile Diabetes – Ramakrishnan , Praveen.
13. Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential in Type I and Type II Diabetes individuals –
    A comparative Study – Dr. Shabina
14. Evaluation of BERA in Stable COPD – Dr. Shabina
15. BMI or Waist circumference  - which correlates better with Heart Rate Variability measures ? – Dr. Archana
16. Correlation Between Duration of Diabetes and Variation in Lung Function in  Type I Diabetes Mellitus  - Dr. Ulaga varshini
17. Pulmonary Function Test in Short Stature Primi Pregnant Women Compared to Pregnant Women of Normal Stature

1.      Heart Rate Variability in Normotensive individuals with family history of Hypertension.
Krishnan Muralikrishnan , Balasubramanian Kabali ,Badanidiyur Vishwanatha Rao
            Indian J Physio Pharma 2011; 55(3); 253 – 351
2.      Audiological Evaluation using Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry in Hypothyroid females attending a tertiary Care Hospital
Gowri Valayutham and Dr. Balasubramanian Kabali
CIIT International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics; vol 3; No 10; November 2011
3.      A comparative study of Pulmonary Function in females with Rheumatoid Arthritis .
N. Gowdhaman , B. Adhikesavan, K. Madhana Gopal , M. Meganathan, J.Mohan , K. Balmurugan , K. Balasubramanian , B.Viswanatha Rao
             World Journal of Medical Sciences 6 (4), 209- 213, 2011
4.      Heart Rate Variability in Adult Obese Individuals.
Archana Damodaran ; Balasubramanian Kabali , KrishnanMuralikrishnan , Sathya Palaniswamy, Suresh Chander Kapali
             CIIT International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics ;  vol 4; No 4;
             March 2012
5.      Analysis of Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions using Heart Rate Variability In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus . Samundeeswari Parameswaran , Balasubramanian Kabali , Krishnan Muralikrishnan ,Suresh Chander Kapali
CIIT International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics;vol 4; No 4; March 2012
6.      Measurement of effect of Isha Yoga on cardiac Autonomic Nervous System using Short Term Heart Rate Variability.
Krishnan Muralikrishnan , Bhavani Balakrishnan, Balasubramanian Kabali , Fehmida Visnegarawla
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine ; April-June 2012; vol 3; issue 2
7.      Pattern Reversal Visual Evoked Potential in Hypothyroid females .
Gowri Valayutham and Balasubramanian Kabali
            National Journal Of Basic Medical Sciences; Vol II, Issue 4, Aug 2012

Under Publication

1.     Pattern Reversal Visual  Evoked Potentials in Hyperthyroid  females  attending a Tertiary Care Hospital – International Journal Of Opthalmology.
     Gowri  Velayudham , Balasubramanian Kabali
2.     Poin Care Plot of Heart Rate Variability ; a new approach towards
     explaining the Cardio Vascular risk in Obesity –
     Krishnan Muralikrishnan , Balasubramanian Kabali .

1) 12.07.2008: “Effect of 1 minute deep breathing on HRV “by Dr Thirumaran, PG in APTCON at SRMC..
2) 29.12.2008: “HRV in normotensive and hypertensive subjects” by Dr Muralikrishnan. Asst Professor in APPICON at Mangalore.
3) 29.12.2008: “Haemostasis in PIH” by Dr Sathya, Associate Professor in APPICON  at Mangalore.
4) 30.12.2008: “Effect of 1 minute deep breathing on HRV”  by Dr Thirumaran, PG in APPICON at Mangalore.
5.Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP ) as a tool for evaluation of hepatic   encephalopathy in cirrhosis liver by Snehil Kumar  IIIyr MBBS Student  at Gastroenterology conference Bhuvaneshwar
6. Poincare Plot of Heart Rate Variability : A New Approach towards explaining The cardiovascular
 risk in Obesity by  Sajjad Mohamed Jawahar Ali IIIyr MBBS Student  at MEDICON 2010 at PSG Medcial College June 2010
 V)Annual Conference of Physiologists of Tamil Nadu(APT)  “ PRAJNA” in
     Madras Medical College   on October 2009.The  following  papers  were presented,
7. Study of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Type II DM – Dr. Sathya,M.D(Phys). D.G.O
   ( Associate. Professor)
8). Heart Rate Variability  as a predictor of severity in cirrhosis Liver-
     Dr. Muralikrishnan MD ( Phys)  ( Assistant Professor)
9). Visual Evoked Potentials ( VEP) in newly diagnosed hypothyroid patientsDr.B.Anitha. MD(Phys) ( Assistant Professor) and secured the SECOND PRIZE
10) Arterial Stiffness Index in Diabetic patients- Dr.H.R.Haribabu PG FINAL YR

(1) First year Intramural  Quiz  competition in ‘Muscle and GIT’  in                  
      2006- (Stanley Medical College)
(2) First year participated  in  ‘Endocrinology’  Intermedical  Quiz  Competition 
      at Meenakshi Medical College  and won  the  1st PRIZE
CME Attended
20/01/2007:    “ Electrophysic is a subject of research” at Madras
Medical college
All PG’s, Asst.Professors and Professors attended the CME
15/03/2007: “Electromyograph”  at Madras Medical College – Neurology. All PG’s and one Professor attended the CME.

October 6th and 7th 2007: First API Conference at Balaji Medical College  was attended by all the staffs.
20/01/2007: Workshop on Electrophysiology at Madras Medical College was attended by PG’s.





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