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                                          Stanley medical college is one of the oldest and pioneering centres for excellence, in India in the field of medical education. The seed of this institution was sown as early as 1740.
                                     The Stanley hospital was established in 1782. In 1933 the five year D.M&S (Diploma in medicine and surgery) was started and inaugurated by Sir George Frederich Stanley P.C.G., C.T.E.,C.M.S ., the Governor of Madras presidency. The hospital was thus named after him on 27 march 1934.
                                On July 2nd 1938, the medical school was upgraded as medical college. M.B.B.S course was introduced with the capacity of 39 students. The Department of  Pharmacology was headed by Dr.K.Venkatachalam pillai ( 1939-1946). He was succeeded by Dr.J.C.David M.B Ph.D ( 1946-1949)
                                        He was followed by Prof Iswariah B A, MB, MRCP,FRCS an ardent supporter of the use of therapeutics in pharmacology. Prof . Iswariah  headed  the department of pharmacology in Stanley medical college and Madras medical college. He used to visit Stanley medical college three days a week. In 1953, WHO arranged visit of several experts including Nobel Laureate Dr.C.Heymans and Sir .Alexander Fleming in 1945 who spent three weeks in Stanley Medical College carrying out practical demonstrations and conducted  lectures. Dr.C.Heymans from Belgium was the first person to demonstrate the Carotid Sinus mechanism in dogs with cross circulation anatomising the carotid arteries of donor and recipient dogs. Dr.E.Lundsgaard from Denmark demonstrated Liver perfusion in dogs. He was followed by Dr.K.P.Sarathy MB.M.Sc from 1952-1955 and other eminent Professors  who all contributed largely to the growth of Department of Pharmacology at Stanley Medical college.
                                         Professors J.C.David along with Professor Dr.Iswariah and  Professor.Dr. M.N.Guruswamy MBBS.MS.(1984-1989) published  “The Book of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics – Three Authors”  in 1968 which  largely benefited all Students of Pharmacology.
                                        Dr.Yahya MBBS.,M.Sc (1971-1979) is one of the senior most  Pharmacologist in India who was known for his excellent teaching which won him accolades  from one and all..He was followed by Prof  Dr.Violet Rajagopalan (1979-1988) who was instrumental in guiding many Post Graduate student in their Research Work.
                                             Post Graduate course in MSc Pharmacology was started from July 1961, which later became MD Pharmacology in 1970 but the course was stopped due to administrative reasons. Again in 1983 , MD Pharmacology was again restarted and Dr Mehar Ali, who was an Under Graduate from Stanley Medical College, became the first MD Post Graduate from Stanley medical College. From then on wards, Stanley Medical College has steadily produced many Pharmacologists. Stanleans who became MD Pharmacologist from Stanley Medical College are as follows 1. Dr Karunakaran 2. Dr Madhavan 3. Dr Jesudas Prabhakaran 4. Dr Mani 5. Dr Aruna Balasubramaniam 6. Dr G Hemavathy.
The Department is also in charge of an actively functioning Pharmacovigilance centre  which monitors the  Adverse Drug Reactions  reported by various clinical Departments .
In short the Department of Pharmacology has evolved as a well functioning one holding aloft the banner of Glory of Stanley Medical College.

Department of Pharmacology

List of Professors and Head of the department
1.Dr.K.Venkatachalam Pillai                                         1939-1946
2.Dr.J.C.David M.B.Phd                                              1946-1949
3.Dr.Iswariah B.A ., M.B., MRCP FRCS                     1949-1952
4.Dr.K.P.Sarathy M.B., M.sc                                       1952-1955
5.Dr.A.R.Govinda Rao M.B., M.sc                               1955-1957 
6.Dr.T.R.Krishnamoorthy M.B.,M.sc                            1957-1964
7.Dr.M.N.Gurusamy MBBS., M.sc                               1964-1969
8.Dr.P.R.Ramachandran MBBS.,M.sc                          1969-1971
9.Dr.G.M.Yahya   MBBS.,M.sc                                   1971-1979
10.Dr.Tmt.Violet Rajagopalan M.D                               1979-1988
11.Dr.Tmt.R.Thirupurasundari M.D                               1988-1995
12.Dr.Tmt.S.Parvathavarthini M.D                                 1995-1998
13.Dr.Tmt.S.Padmashankar M.D                                   1998-1998
14.Dr.Tmt.C.B.Tharani M.D                                          1998-2003
15.Dr.S.Madhavan M.D                                                2003-2003
16.Dr.A.Ruckmani M.D                                                2003-2004
17.Dr.R.Nandini M.D                                                    2005-2006
18.Dr.S.Madhavan M.D                                                2006 ….2013 JAN
19 Dr Usha Sadasivan                                                   2013---- Till date

Academic Activities – Under Graduate Students
1)    Symposium by students
2)    Preparation of charts in connection with diseases and treatment
3)    Follow up of treatment of poisoning cases
4)    Group Discussions: 10 classes (included along with the seminars )
5)    Herbarium Collection of Medicinal Plants
6)    Quiz Program for undergraduate students are conducted every year and  we use CLICKER’s TECHNOLOGY for conducting Pharmacology Quiz for our Under Graduate Students

Academic Activities – Post Graduate Students
1.       CME programs on research topics are arranged once in a year for pharmacology post graduates
2.       Postgraduate students are involved in research work under the guidance of Professors. Following research papers were submitted in National Journals
1)    Evaluation of Efficacy of 1% topical Metronidazole Gel in Chronic Plaque Psoriasis.
2)    Evaluation of Vit A supplement in sputum +ve pulmonary TB patients.
3)    Evaluation of Therapeutic effect of combination of Vit E 400 mg + Vit C 500 mg OD in patients with primary Osteoarthritis.
4)    Evaluation of therapeutic effect of supplementation of Vit E 400 mg with statin in patients with Dyslipidemia.
5)    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Atorvastatin in essential Hypertension.
6)    Evaluation of role of Biotin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
7)    Comparative study of single high dose oral fluconazole with topical clotrimazole in patients with localized pityriasis versicolor.
8)    Comparative study of oral Fluconazole with Oral terbinafine in Extensive Tinea Corporis
9)    Alternative Regimes in Dyslipidemia
10)  Role of Biotin in Dyslipidemia.

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